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Fix spacing in blog

From Alan's redmine : #16124.

see attached image - we'd like the paragraph title slightly closer to the paragraph - talk to DQ if there's no update or something else.

Blog posts on

are using "Floating Subheaders". These are an example of poor layout.

When PLM send content to Inbound, blog posts are not written in this way, so this happens in the process of uploading blog posts.

A subheader should not be equidistant between the preceding and succeeding sections.

A subheader describes what's underneath. There must be a clear break between the previous section and where the subheader appears.

This blog post is a correct example of how sub headers should appear.
With regard to subheaders, all blog posts need to have the same layout as this one.

Talk to me if clarification is required.

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  • Oct 31 2018
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    Thomas Esposito commented
    October 31, 2018 12:44

    Hey Dave,

    I'd worked on this a while back, and have it all on my local machine. I just never received a sign off on it, so once I have that, I can add it to origin and then push live. Let's discuss in our weekly sync.