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AX Book landing page

Hi Team,

I need a landing page for the AX book. URL:

Here is what I need.

* Hero with the book image - @Mark Delaney should be able to provide this.
* Title of the book should be the H1
* Bio for Ben - see attached a headshot. Bio is WIP - please use this filler text for now

As Principal Technical Advisor at Kemp Technologies Ben works directly with the VP of Engineering and CTO to drive innovation and continuous improvement within the R&D Organisation.
Working closely with the Executive & VP-level Business Stakeholders to provide in-house analysis and on Strategic Technologies to support M&A activities and Product Strategy.
Key areas of focus at the moment are DevOps/NetOps Adoption, Digital Transformation, Application Experience, Microservices and Multi-Cloud Environments

Review of the book
"In Ben's Application Experience, Ben offers an opinionated version of DevOps and Digital Transformation. I appreciate that he labels it Application Experience to take away that confusion in terminology. You'll find a distillation of key principles, specific steps to take to get started. This book is not "the only book you will ever need," but it is a book to start your organization on the journey." Steven Murawski @StevenMurawsk

"This book packs a punch. Ben talks AX, CX, Digital Transformation, change management coupled with the importance of people and topped off with practical code snippets! - it has it all. A must read" *****

I need 2 CTA

1. Buy the book (once I have the amazon link, I'll send it)
2. Get the code (this should lead to the page Yaron is working on with Roy Dunican)

Deirdre Sarsfield
Vice President, Corporate Marketing
P: +353 (0)61 260108
A: Limerick, Ireland

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  • Feb 11 2020
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  • Admin
    Sonia Grant commented
    11 Feb 13:16

    Hi Dee, I am creating a feature for this and will sit with you when you are free to discuss the content

  • Admin
    Yaron Meiner commented
    11 Feb 13:23

    Lets discuss today, I am not sure what's the layout here and what capacity do we use here - website page / marketo landing page

  • Admin
    Yaron Meiner commented
    11 Feb 13:24

    also, image quality is low, please ask for new one

  • Guest commented
    11 Feb 16:10

    As per chat ��� it will be a marketo page and please ask Mark Delaney for all images.